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About Animon Live

Animon Live is a digital and design works studio, aiming to achieve unforseen heights in the field of digital marketing and e-commerce solutions. With special support on mobile platforms and email marketing, we make sure that with us, your online brand goes places.

"Content is key. Effective communication is not measured on the basis of a great idea, but on its potential to sell."

Our Culture

At Animon Live, we bring great ideas to life on the internet. We work with clearly defined goals and an effective strategy. Besides looking good, our design works first at meeting your business objective.


Our strategy is implemented and tailored according to specific client needs. Here is a basic framework, that we refer to as the 'ABCD' of strategy. This is implemented across our workflows and is often incorporated as a roadmap in figuring out solutions according to the needs of the customer. This methodology proves to be beneficial in turning a first time visitor to your website, to a brand evangelist:

Attract first time visitors and turn them into novice users through communication on blog, social media, keywords and pages.

Benefit novice by turning them into intermediate users, by providing a reward along with a Call to Action, Landing Pages and Forms.

Change intermediate users into experts with Email, Workflows and CRM Integrations.

Delight experts and turn them into evangelists for your brand by providing effective social media engagements.

Our Services

We offer a variety of services on the digital sphere which helps your business achieve a new dimension in the online space. From website design to online marketing, from user interface journey to customized e-stores, Animon Live strives to deliver solutions which give you the maximum visibility for relevant audience, and garner high ROI.

Mobile Solution

Mobile solutions help to optimize experience across platforms. Be it tablets, mobiles or any other device, portability in your online design not only sets your content apart, but also ensures a seamless experience for your user.

Design & Development

Every online setup is different, and comes with its own metrics. Your website is the face of your brand on the internet. We understand each business, assess its focus areas, and come up with a strategy which is tailor made for you.

Web Marketing

If you want millions to know about your brand, then try the internet. Through strategy and smart optimization of your budgets, we grab maximum eyeballs in the online space for you. At a marginal cost versus traditional advertising, this is a dream come true.

E-Commerce Solution

Start your own online store, with our completely customizable and absolutely secure e-commerce solutions. With unlimited products display possibilities, hosting, shopping cart and design options, your business will surely go places.

Our Clients

Our Team

The team at Animon Live is an enthusiastic bunch of digital go-getters who love to make stuff work on the internet. Packed with years of experience and dozens of live project knowledge, we aim at delivering a 'wow' for every work done.


Business Head


Project Manager


Strategy & Brand Identity


Sales and Accounts


Web/PHP Developer


Web Designer/UI Expert


Graphic/Web Designer


Web Designer


Web Designer


Graphic/Web Designer


Social Media Manager


Web Developer

Our Partners


Animon Live is instrumental in providing comprehensive solutions for the various projects it undertakes. Here is a quick peek from our current portfolio.

Spice Labs is a mobile game development studio. Creators of highly successful Hangman was founded in 2009.

Spice Labs

Mobile game development studio

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A fun looking radio play website

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Windows Lumia My Airtel APP

App designed for a Windows phone

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Airtel live

'All Market' app designed for 'Airtel live'

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An updated and advanced e-commerce website

A customized and clean e-commerce site with buy-in facility integrated in the shop front.


My Airtel service app for apple devices

A chat app designed for apple phones, with complete functionalities of a chat applet

Trak YOUR mate apps IOS

App designed for apple devices

An ‘all market’ app designed for investors interested in the brand.

Investor Relation APP

'All Market' App designed for Investors

An app designed for Airtel TV, that allows users all functionalities right from choosing movies to paying their bills through their television!


'My Airtel' TV app designed for smart TVs

The nokia asha app, created exclusively for nokia phones, as a celebration of Asha’s immortal app.

Nokia Asha APP

App designed for Nokia Devices

A fun filled site that allows users to plan their parties and purchase things for it right from the big catalogue of products on the site. With integrated on-site payment gateway.

Party Bounty

Fun website, designed for party purposes

In today’s competitive world, clients need solutions providing company which can provide complete package of expertise, experience, flexibility, integrity and service and that is where Tekstech excels.


Vision to serve the industry as a third party agency

Contact Us
011 29225180
011 46061759

e-597, 1st floor, Greater Kailash-2, new delhi-110048, india

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