Our Story

Animon Live is a digital and design agency, aiming to achieve unforeseen heights in the field of digital marketing and e-commerce solutions. With special support on mobile platforms and email marketing, we make sure that with us, your online brand goes places.

We make brands hard to ignore and easy to find. Digital marketing is what brands, big or small, need to grow and thrive in the marketplace. Animon Live has built itself into an agency with knowledge and experience in all areas of digital marketing. We are experts in engaging customers; indeed, we can tell you how to turn clicks into customers.

We started operations in 2006 and it is with not a little pride that we say that our first couples of clients are still with us today. That’s because our focus from the beginning has been on putting together a small, niche team passionate about digital marketing and its dynamics and engaging closely with our clients to deliver solutions that fulfill their unique need.


Animon works across industries and domains offering a range of digital services:

Web design

Digital marketing

Website development

Content services

E-commerce solutions

Website domain and hosting

Vision and Mission

Our mantra at Animon is to establish a bond of trust and respect with our clients. The new-age digital world is about collaboration and innovation. Animon makes it possible for business owners like you to make a big impact using minimal resources. Let us design your digital marketing campaign in which all the intricate pieces of the puzzle fit together. Winningly.