Chander Sharma
Chander Sharma

New Website Launch- Chander Sharma (The Clarity Coach)

Animon Live launches website for Mr. Chander Sharma – The Clarity Coach

Animon Live is pleased to announce the launch of its latest project, a website dedicated to providing clarity and direction in life coaching services.” 

The site has been designed with simplicity in mind, with an easy-to-navigate design that features valuable information about the company’s founder, Mr. Chander Sharma – The Clarity Coach. 

Mr. Chander Sharma helps individuals or businesses identify their goals, values and problems so they can improve clarity around themselves. 

He has 10+ years of consulting experience as well as mentoring and corporate training with more than 10,000 participants and over 16,000.

Take out some time of your day to visit and book an appointment to discuss your hurdles and get Clarity from Mr. Chander Sharma. 

Do it fast there are few slots available.

Media Contact: Harender Bajwal

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