Email Marketing

What is the first thought that comes to mind when we talk of e-mail marketing? Simply put, it implies means and ways of promoting a product or service through mass emails.

email marketing
So, what essentially happens is that instead of the flyers or leaflets that were distributed door-to-door by hand or as inserts with magazines and newspapers, now the same is electronically delivered to the consumers’ inboxes through emails.

Email marketing is often confused with digital marketing, but truth be told, it is a minuscule part of digital marketing. Digital marketing could include things like e-brochures, video clips, infographics and so on, across several platforms, such as websites, social media, online communities, and so on. Email marketing would only include any such promotional material sent through email.

So, why do businesses rely on email marketing to reach out to their target audiences?

That’s because the advantages of email marketing are many!

  • You can reach your existing clients or target audience 24×7, with the guarantee that your existing clients will receive it in their main inbox folder and not the spam folder, as they will have marked any incoming mail from your server as ‘not spam’. So, there is no chance of the information not reaching your clientele.
  • It is highly cost-effective and there are no physical printing and distribution costs involved.
  • The message is relayed to the intended target audience instantaneously.
  • The huge reliance on technology enables it to reach a wider audience across mobiles, laptops and computers in today’s urban scenario.
  • There is also the added benefit of the information being archived by a client in the mailbox for future reference, which is usually not the case with physical flyers, which often end up in the dustbin or are lost.

In short, the advantages of cost efficacy, archival facilities, and instantaneous and wider reach make email marketing an indispensable tool for any business wishing to connect with its existing or new clients.

So, what are you waiting for? Have you put in place a system of reaching out to your clients with interesting emails that elicit more than just once glance and solicit a click or a call back to your website or business phone number? If not, then you need to invest in your email marketing right now!

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