Ecommerce Marketing

Thanks to the Internet, you can now sell your products or services round-the-clock, even when you are asleep. But this was not possible a few decades back when sales happened through brick-and-mortar stores, which had their own opening and closing hours.

Ecommerce Marketing
But now, whether you are a bakery, a toymaker, or a personal coach, people can buy or book your services at the click of a mouse. This has been made possible through a process we all know as e-commerce.

So, if you are a well-known established business selling a product through a brick-and-mortar shop, and you also have a website, it is time you made it e-commerce enabled so that your patrons can buy from you even while on the move or even when your shop is closed.

Of course, you can always list your product on online marketing platforms, such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, e-Bay and the like, but it’s always better to list them on your own website, simply because you can control it directly.That won’t be the case with other online marketing platforms as there will be competing products, and depending on which seller gives a better commission, the products could be repositioned accordingly for display on the page.

You can also include the option to sell on social media pages, such as Facebook. You can activate the ‘sell to’ option on the FB page of your business and redirect a link to the e-commerce platform on your website.

There are also multiple payment gateways available from banks and dedicated online merchant payment facilitators with whom you can link your e-commerce platform to facilitate online payment methods through credit/debit cards and other links.

So, have you made your website e-commerce friendly? If not, then get it done right away. You never know which corner of the world and at what odd hour will you make your next sale!

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