Lead Generation

If you are a businessman, you would surely know about leads and generating them. To those not familiar with the term, lead generation is the craft or the skillset to attract potential customers to your business and convert them into buyers.

Lead Generation
Till Internet became a part of our daily life, lead generation was achieved through conventional channels such as print advertisements in the form of posters, leaflets, billboard signs and advertisements in magazines and newspapers; audio-visual commercials on radio and TV, and more directly and effectively through telemarketing calls and client referrals.

But now, the Internet and digital marketing have brought a paradigm shift to lead generation. Businesses are now better positioned to understand customer behaviour and accordingly create methods to ensure that their lead generation efforts achieve a higher success rate than before.

So, coming to the crux of the issue – As a business, how do you generate leads for your business?

These could be in the form of exclusive content that highlights your business and sets it apart from rest of the competition, or, search engine optimisation (SEO) tools that puts your business website in the spotlight and brings people to it. In other words, people surfing the net for some product or service get to know about your business and brand.

It could also work through other digital marketing avenues, such as email marketing or social media presence on sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. These could be in the form of simple information modules or exciting quizzes, puzzles or calculators that invite and retain customer attention.

Last, but not the least, proper data analysis through specialised data analytical tools that provides information on the user experience of any product or service, goes a long way in understanding customer behaviour and preferences and helps in generating the right approach towards lead generation.

After all, the essence is to generate the right lead to incite interest in your business and excite him to the point that he ends up being your client.

So, get in touch with Animon Live today to develop the right lead generation strategy for your business!

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Which are the 4 steps of the lead generation process?
There are four steps in the lead generation process:

  1. Find Your Audience: Figure out who you want to reach.
  2. Make Tempting Offers: Create things that make people interested.
  3. Get Leads: Collect information from people who show interest.
  4. Take Care of Leads: Keep in touch with the interested people and help them along.
What is lead generation in B2B?
In B2B lead generation, B2B leads are folks who might become customers for your business. These are the people who would probably find your product or service useful.
What do lead generators do?
A lead generation specialist is someone who gathers and checks possible chances to make sales. They usually work for companies that sell things to other businesses.
What is lead generation in CRM?
Lead generation means finding people who might become customers for your business. It involves guiding them into the process of making a purchase. The aim is to identify interested buyers early on, so you can have more potential sales and close deals faster.

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