Social Media Marketing

So, you like trekking! Well, have you wondered why every now and then your Facebook or Google pops up an advertisement from a reputed and established trekking equipment manufacturer or a trek organiser.

That’s social media marketing.

Good, bad or evil! Call it whatever you want, but social media has made a dent in our lives like nothing else! Whether a carmaker comes out with a new luxury vehicle, the CEO of a Fortune-500 company gives a short statement on his company’s profitability, or, the Head of Government of a country gives his opinion on some burning issue, social media is a crucial mode of communication to give out news and views from the newsmakers.

Of course, broadsheets, magazines and radio and TV are there, but social media is the news agency for the urban generation of today. Almost everybody has a social media account and accesses it daily, multiple times. Add to it the fact that social media can be accessed increasingly on something as handy as a mobile phone has only made it an indispensable part of our life.

Needless to say, businesses are now increasingly reaching out to their target audiences through social media, be it in the form of a video clip, an animation, a quiz, some puzzle, an infographic, or, a text story. It is all about targeting the social media users with tit-bits of information to direct them back to the business’ own website, be it for generating an interest or a sale.

Social media is also being actively used for promoting sales. Depending on the users’ likes and dislikes, companies target with specified advertisements in sync with their interests.

So, somebody with an interest in food shows would find a pop-up of an advertisement from a restaurant, bakery or an online vendor selling food products, such as jams, jellies or even meat and fish on his/her social media page.

At Animon Live, we can help you reach your business to the right audience through social media so that your business can reap the benefits of the wider reach of social media, just like your competitors.

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