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Ensure Your Website is Always Performing at Its Best with Maintenance Services

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Loss of Credibility: Outdated or broken content can erode the trust of visitors.

Website maintenance no more

Reduced Traffic: Search engines penalize sites with outdated or irrelevant content.

Poor User Experience: Slow loading times and broken links frustrate users.

With the power of website maintenance, you can

Enhanced Online Reputation and Trustworthiness

Seamless and Enjoyable User Experience

Increased Organic Traffic and Visibility

Understand customer behavior

Stay competitive in a competitive marketplace

It’s disappointing to LOSE CUSTOMER

because of something that isn’t even your fault.

Your website crashes or a web page is not found , it reflects poorly on you even though it’s not your fault.

After seeing the same issue across multiple clients’ websites, we realised that this could be one place you might be losing your customers unknowingly.

That’s why we decided to design customised Website Maintenance Service Packages, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your website is always up and running smoothly.

Websites are like cars – they need regular maintenance to function properly. Just like you wouldn’t drive your car without getting it serviced regularly, you shouldn’t leave your website without proper maintenance.

Website maintenance Lose Customer site
Animon Live

What does Animon Live do?

Most businesses lack the time and expertise to maintain a website that gets results.

At Animon Live our industry professionals help your website grow by providing you with everything from website security to website maintenance at an affordable price so you can stand out from the competition and get a much better user experience.

Our mission is to help businesses achieve their goals through innovative and effective use of technology.

Our Packages

Choose the package best suited for business needs.

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Complete Maintenance

(12 Month’s Contract)

Website Speed Optimisation

Testing browser compatibility

Analyze your security scans

Check your website for 404 errors

Fix broken links & html error

Delete unused plugins

Update plugins

Delete spam comments

Remove Junk files

Update your meta descriptions and meta titles

Make sure that the website is mobile-friendly

Testing your forms and checkout process quarterly

Backing up your website Quarterly

Changes or improvement in website as per SEO

Crawling & Indexing errors

SSL Certificate configuration and Installation

Website Analytics Reports

Website traffic report

Technical Support

Content Updates

Update your web graphics and photos

Database Management and Optimisation

Monthly full-site backup and storage

Manage domain name renewal

Manage website hosting

Testing your whole website annually

Rs. 30,000

(Upto 30 hours/month)

Rs. 22,000

(Upto 18 hours/month)

Rs. 12,000

(Upto 8 hours/month)

How it works ?


Select a package

Choose a package that suits you.


Discuss with an expert

Our Experts will conduct an analysis of your website and come up with a plan.


Get Result

Get a faster and a better performing website.


Select a package

Choose a package that suits you.


Discuss with an expert

Our Experts will conduct an analysis of your website and come up with a plan.


Get Result

Get a faster and a better performing website.


Your website is the face of the company on the internet

It is important that the first impression of your company in front of the customer is a good one.

Though WEBSITE MAINTENANCE seems like an investment up front, it’s gonna cost you much more if your website is hacked.

Rebuilding the website from scratch will not only be more expensive in terms of money but also in terms of the data you lost.

What we provide is a complete solution that tackles the problem from its roots. When we go for cheaper alternatives that are quick fixes and continue to need attention in the future.


You might say

we’re already paying for the domain and hosting

domain & hosting
Paying to the DOMAIN and HOSTING company is like paying the rent for the house you’re living in.

However, besides rent, we also need to pay a maintenance fee for the upkeep of the property.

Similar to your home, your website also needs to be kept up to date.

In today’s times, data is the new oil. And your website has data, because of which it can become a
the target of hackers


Here are 6 things you need to know to keep
your website secure and updated

The free website maintenance guide will help you to know how:


you can protect your site from hacker attacks


to prevent data loss and save time in case of crashes


to get loading times reduced to improve customer engagement

Let’s get started!


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